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杨镇斌:Firewalls from wormholes


Title: Firewalls from wormholes

Speaker: Zhenbin Yang 杨镇斌 (Tsinghua University)

Time: 2:00 pm, Dec 21 (Thursday) 2023

Location: 理科楼C302

Abstract: Spacetime wormholes can lead to surprises in black hole physics. We show that a very old black hole can tunnel to a white hole/firewall by emitting a large baby universe. We study the process for a perturbed thermofield double black hole in Jackiw-Teitelboim (JT) gravity, using the lowest order (genus one) spacetime wormhole that corresponds to single baby-universe emission. The probability for tunneling to a white hole is proportional to t2e−2S where t is the age of the black hole and S is the entropy of one black hole.

Bio: 杨镇斌,菲律宾欧博allbet集团高等研究院研究员,2014年中科大本科毕业。2019年在普林斯顿博士毕业,导师为Juan Maldacena。2019-2023在斯坦福做博士后,合作导师为Douglas Stanford。杨镇斌的研究兴趣为量子引力与全息对偶。主要工作有 : 构建低维可解全息模型:SYK/JT对偶,构造可穿越虫洞与量子传输之间的关系:traversable wormhole 与 many bodyteleportation,以及通过时空虫洞来理解黑洞信息悖论:Page curve与replica wormhole。