Undergraduate Students

1. General education planning for science majors

To make sure students obtain a solid foundation of knowledge, the School of Sciences at Tsinghua University has a set of guidelines for all teaching curriculums known as the General Education Plan for science majors. In accordance with Tsinghua’s stated aim of “strengthening specialized-course education on top of a sound general-course educational base and training students with integrity,” undergraduates of all majors within the School of Sciences are required by this plan to complete certain fundamental (core) courses in addition to courses specific to their majors. Often these fundamental courses must be completed prior to the students’ enrollment in more specialized or advanced courses unique to their majors. The plan also specifies the number of credits students must receive to graduate. The plan has proven to be an effective education platform for students with diverse academic interests.

2. Teaching pattern and aim

Again following the spirit of the “strengthening specialized-course education on top of a sound general-course educational base’’ philosophy, the Physics Department has set up a modus operandi consisting of “recruiting by the department, managing by the allocation of credits, providing fundamental science courses to all science majors, and allowing for a flexible major-choosing system”.

3. Schooling period and degree conferment

Undergraduates usually study for four years before they graduate with a bachelor’s degree of science. However, this period is flexible, and can be shortened or prolonged depending on how fast each student accumulates the required credits.

4. Credits and lecture hours

The total number of credits required by the teaching plan is 170, which includes the credits for spring semester and autumn semester courses (140 credits, corresponding to about 20 credit hours per week), 15 credits for an internship during the summer semester, and 15 credits for additional courses teaching paper-writing skills.

5. Master teaching plan for undergraduates in the School of Sciences at Tsinghua University

Humanities and social sciences studies: 12 subjects, 35 credits (compulsory)

Basic science courses (51 credits in total)

Basic structure of general education courses for science majors and minimum credits required. Fundamental (core) courses required for science majors.

Flexible department-specific system for science majors (in the School of Sciences)

6. Main courses and minimum credits required for physics majors

Main courses for physics majors: 11 subjects, >= 44 credits

Elective courses: 14 credits

Practice Courses during the summer semester: 15 credits

Training courses in paper-writing: 15 credits

7. Courses and credits required for choosing physics as minor:

Students in the School of Sciences can choose mathematics, physics, chemistry or biology as minors. After completing the required courses and credits, students will be acknowledged as having graduate qualifications in their minor field.

8. Undergraduate Teaching Plan of the School of Sciences at Tsinghua University for majors in Physics.