Undergraduate Students
Undergraduate Students


Undergraduates in the Physics Department study in one of two majors: physics or applied physics. The department places strong emphasis upon students obtaining a solid background in basic mathematics and suitable foreign language skills, as well as significant experience with experimental techniques. Upon graduation, students will have mastered fundamental theories and research methods in physics, preparing them for a wide range of possible future careers, including research scientist, physics teacher, technical manager, and other positions in business, government, and industry calling for physics expertise. Students also have the option of continuing their studies to pursue Master’s or Doctor’s degrees in physics, astronomy, engineering, economics and management, etc.

Also noteworthy is the special Fundamental Science Class within the Physics Department which encourages students to make deeper studies into both mathematics and physics so that they are better prepared to quickly enter into research. Students in this class come from different departments within Tsinghua University and receive four years’ of special training through this program while simultaneously completing courses in their own majors.

The Undergraduate Program offers a four-year route to the Bachelor’s degree. The programs are delivered in Chinese or bilingually in Chinese and English. Every academic year is divided into three semesters: spring, fall and summer. The two eighteen-week semesters in spring and autumn are for courses, while the eleven-week summer semester consists of a six-week vacation and a five-week practical trainings or internship abroad.

The Master Program typically takes 3 years to complete. If interested in obtaining a Ph.D., an applicant is encouraged to apply directly to the Doctoral Program (a master's degree is not necessary when applying). Students who enter the direct Ph.D. program with a bachelor's degree usually finish in 5-6 years, while students who already hold a master's degree normally complete the doctoral program in 3 years. The certificates of degree and graduation will be awarded to those who have completed the required courses and passed thesis/dissertation defense. For more information, please visit our websitehttp:.