Particle Physics

Particle Physics

Now particle physics in the Department focuses on phenomenology and experiment of TeV physics, which includes mechanism of electroweak symmetry breaking, theory, experiment and phenomenology of new physics beyond the standard model, such as higgs, neutrino, dark matter, various new particles and their interactions, etc. We have five young faculty members two participate in LHC Atlas and CMS experiments, one participates Xenon experiment, and the other are two particle theorists doing research on cosmology, collider phenomenology and dark matter. We also study chiral Lagrangian of bound state particles from first principles, non-perturbative quantum field theories and hadron physics, etc.

Research directions:

    - TeV scale new physics

    - Cosmology

    - Dark matter theory  QCD and hadronic physics

    - QCD and hadronic physics

    - Nonperturbative QFT

    - ATLAS experiment

    - CMS experiment

    - FASER experiment

    - XENON experiment