Atomic Molecular and Optical Physics

Atomic, Molecular, and Optical (AMO) Physics

Research in AMO physics encompasses the studies of fundamental atomic and molecular physics, of optical science, the applications of AMO sciences, and of the interactions between atoms, molecules and photons. This discipline is authorized to confer master’s and doctor’s degrees both in atomic and molecular physics and in optics, of which the atomic and molecular physics major is certified as a national key discipline since 2001. In recent years, with the successful expansion into research fields such as cold atoms and molecules, laser cooling and trapping of atoms and molecules as well as ions, atomic clocks, quantum simulation, quantum information processing, and quantum precision measurement, AMO research at Tsinghua Physics is experiencing unprecedented opportunities.

Current areas of research cover diverse topics in atomic, molecular, and optical physics, including

-Cavity quantum electrodynamics with atomic ensembles

-Chemical physics

-Gravitational wave detection

-Laser spectroscopy and ultrafast spectroscopy

-Precision measurement physics and atomic/ionic clocks

-Quantum communication and quantum internet

-Quantum entanglement manipulation

-Quantum information and quantum computation

-Quantum optics and optomechanics

-Theory of atoms, molecules, and optics

-Ultracold atom/molecule physics and quantum simulation