Graduate Students
Research Areas

Cultivation Plan

Disciplines and research interest:


Research Fields

Theoretical physics

(1) Particle physics

(2) Statistical Physics and condensed matter theory

Particle physics and nuclear


(1) Experiments of Nuclear Physics

(2) Nuclear theory

(3) Application of nuclear technology in atom physics

(4) Symmetry and group theory method

Condensed matter physics

(1) New material physics and diaphragm physics

(2) Electrical structure in solid and Physics of Superconductivity

(3) Nanostructure and computational design

(4) Low dimensional strong correlation system


(1) Quantum Optics and photonics physics

(2) Laser Physics, laser technology and Laser Spectroscopy

(3) Near field optics and surface optics


(1) Physical Acoustics

(2) Supersonics

(3) Underwater acoustics

Atomic and molecular physics

(1) Atomic and Molecular Detection

(2) Research on Application of super sensitive spectroscopy and imaging technology

(3) Excited states in atom and molecule


(1) Theoretical astrophysics

(2) Experimental astrophysics

(3) Observation astrophysics

Plasma physics

(1) New method of nuclear fusion

(2) Industrial plasma application