Assistant to the Dean & Human Resources

YANG Hong, Tel:+86-10-62772760, C401, New Science Building

Business Office

Director of the Education & Research Affairs

GAN Cuiyun, Tel:+86-10-62772767, C401, New Science Building

Undergraduate Education & Student Affairs

CHEN Changting, Tel:+86-10-62771260, C402, New Science Building

Graduate Education & Student Affairs & Employment

HU Wenting, Tel:+86-10-62783517, C402, New Science Building

General Office

Director of the General Affairs

LUO Jie, Tel:+86-10-62783782, C404, New Science Building

General Affairs

ZHANG Chao, Tel:+86-10-62797928, C402, New Science Building

WANG Cuiyang, Tel:+86-10-62782711, C404, New Science Building

LUAN Luan,Tel: +86-10-62783821,C404,New Science Building

WANG Xiaowan, Tel:+86-10-62783517, C402,New Science Building

CHEN Jie, Tel:+86-10-62783021, C402, New Science Building

Public Service Platform & Support for the Network Technics

Dong Sishijiu, Tel:+86-10-62772785, D402, New Science Building

Public Service Platform

TANG Lin, Tel:+86-10-62791292, D301, New Science Building

Property Affairs & Power Supply & Workshops for Metalworks

GAO Yubo, Tel:+86-10-62772228, Workshops for Metalworks

Support for the Administrative Affairs

DUAN Hu, Tel:+86-10-62783790, Duty Room, New Science Building

Office of the Collaborative Research Program


REN Jun, Tel:+86-10-627727924, B414, New Science Building